So i’m feeling a little spaced out right now, back in the UK after a good flight back from Aus. The jet lag has been a little bit worse coming back, so much so that yesterday i managed to fall asleep during “Stomp” in the west end (It is awsome though..!).  The last couple of weeks of the Australia camp went really well, i achieved the best and most consistent block of training i think i have ever had, got a really good feeling back in the K2 and generally enjoyed the Australian life!

I have also got to say that the generosity shown to us by the Maroochydore locals has been humbling. During our second to last session Maureen and Norm Jackson braved the monsoon style rains and came down to the club to bake us a fresh fruit loaf to eat after the session.

Kind message from our favorite coffee shope

It must have been one of the best things I have ever tasted and is great to have met such kind people. We were also treated by my favorite coffee haunt, Caffeine Culture who sell Veneziano roasted coffee. Alicia and Zoie make absolutely top notch speciality coffee and had been drawing us back day after day. On our last day they made us all coffees and muffins on the house and sent us packing with a selection of their best single origin and blend beans, really kind of them and I only hope we will be back next year..  I’d also like to thank the Sunshine Coast canoe club and Maroochydore surf club for letting us use their facilities and generally helping make the our stay in Aus very enjoyable.

We now have a couple of days off training to recover from the flight and our last hard block in Aus before getting back into it and heading out to Seville for another 3 week camp. Seville gives us a great opportunity to start sharpening up, training over race distances and getting in the K2 a bit more often.

I’m also looking forward to collecting my new Nelo kayak..! Liam designed a new color scheme for the both of us which im very excited to see in the flesh. Here is a rendering he made of it;


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  1. aaronosborne1 says:

    @Jonscho Oi Jonnie… long time.. Ive been in penrith for the summer.. should have known and could have caught a coffee here…

  2. Jonscho says:

    @aaronosborne1 Mate thats ridiculous, didn’t know you were around..! Heard you are going well.. Hopefully catch you over in broxbourne..!

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